30 thoughts on “Thank you / Sly & the Family Stone LIVE ! on soul train”

  1. This is rare because shows like Soul Train and Bandstand had acts lip sync. This is the real deal, Sly & band riffing singing and playing their instruments LIVE! I'm not sure some of the acts out there now or in the last 15 – 20 years will have the longevity and have their songs played/viewed 50 yrs from now.

  2. Sly played Woodstock, was married in Madison Square Garden and was busted in Paxton, Illinois. Sly lived in Decatur, IL, then Champaign, IL in the early 80s and he hung out with people I know, a pretty rough crowd. It's so sad that he and Shuggie Otis succumbed to cocaine addtction. Fortunately, Shuggie (one of my favorite musicians) has re-emerged in recent years. I'd love to see a Sly/Shuggie collaboration!

  3. TLDR: previous comments.
    But, wow. A non-lip-synced Soul Train track, to start, and then a defining demonstration of Sly's band's brilliance. Best YT discovery of the month. What a gift that this can be shared and experienced. Just wow.


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