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  1. I remember a 1958 track from Eddie Cochran with a 12-notes brutal riff, almost hard rock-like. I can't remember the title and can't find it. Is there anyone that can help? Thank you.

  2. The most talented rocker of his era and true Father of Rock Music. Top 10 reasons why this guy is arguably the most underrated musician of all time:

    – Best guitarist of his time (hands down)
    – Musical pioneer
    – Brilliant composer and producer
    – He could really play guitar, bass, piano and drums
    – Evolved guitar technique (riffs, two strings soloing, etc)
    – Evolved studio recording techniques
    – He could play naturally any style (blues, country, jazz, classic, rock and roll, etc)
    – He established the basics of rock guitar
    – Only white guy who could actually play the blues
    – He died when he was only 21 years old

    The guy even had the time to perform in three movies. A true genius and a very nice and humble person. Even Jimi Hendrix himself considered on of his main inspirations. Respect.

    Nothing else to add.

  3. He would have been 80 this year – had he lived.
    Hard to imagine.
    He was so talented, handsome and charming – would have given Elvis a good run for his money.

  4. what a stupid way to die. you dont hear about rock stars diying in traffic accidents (specially if youre in a Taxi Cab)
    while en route to the airport to return home anymore, becuase it would be pretty fucking obvious something was wrong. last example was probably Princess Di, and everyone speculated… they dont really do that techinciqe anymore….

  5. A number of his songs became hits for other people in later years. This one was covered by the Sex Pistols, as was his next single Something Else. Showaddywaddy covered Three Steps To Heaven, and both the Dave Clark Five and T Rex (on the B side of Ride A White Swan) covered Summertime Blues.


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