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  1. Quite honestly, I can’t fathom why this wonderful concert of the late Donna Summer hasn’t been released as of yet on Blu-ray, or DVD, or better yet released as a two sided disc accommodating to both formats.Blu-ray, and DVD with extras. Possible behind the scenes footage, and commentary. Hint Hint😜👍❤️
    Considering that each of us reviewing this video clip have been lifetime fans of Donna Summer, & have invested so much of our loyalty, and support to Ms Summers, & her enormous catalog of music it would be a wonderful tribute to her memory, as well as a wonderful thank you to all of the loyal fans who like myself sincerely loved her talent, and her enormous catalog of music made throughout the decades. The release of that iconic live and more 1978 concert would be a wonderful thank you to all of those loyal fans who cherish her music so very much. To be honest it should’ve been released along time ago, and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been released as of yet. I find that extremely odd, & I’m a bit perplexed. Could it possibly be a copyright issue of some kind? What ever the issue may be, and whomever has the legal authority in regards to her estate to release that Live and More (1978) concert on DVD, and Blu-ray combo disc; would you please accommodate her many loving fans by releasing it already!! Once again, the Live and More (1978) concert. I can’t stress that enough. The (1978) Live and More concert.There’s a big market just salivating for that to be released eventually!!! I’m one of those many fans who loved Donna Summers music. Thank you🤞🏻

  2. Pure goddess and a genius (along with Moroderr of course). You cannot overstate the massive influence of this track. Donna Summer, as much credit as she gets, doesnt get enough credit IMO.

  3. Donna totally mastered "The Robot" when she did that move she looked very much like a high quality animatronic. She could sing, dance, she could do it all. An amazing talented woman.

  4. This song is a masterpiece performed by a master artist, Donna Summer. What I find so powerful about the piece is its ambiguity in its meaning. So many people have said the song is about a woman experiencing sexual pleasure but the lyrics make no direct reference to that at all. But if that is what you want it to mean, then that is what it can mean to you.
    Donna Summer and Giorgio were two incredible artists that collaborated as artists to create some of the most sophisticated music to have emerged out of the disco era. The songs were always unique, complex, and deserved a much deeper level of inquiry from the listener. This particular song begins with a pulsating synthesized melodic beat, resembling a mantric beat. Donna Summer, claps to the beat like a flamenco artist, her eyes are closed through the entire performance, as if she were praying. The ethereal vocal line has a transcendental quality that alludes to this song having a meaning that is on a higher spiritual level. As the song progresses, each phrase begins with an ascending musical triad/chord each time, then the melody gently glides downward like a leaf in the wind. Right before it touches the ground, the chorus is song, " I Feel Love". The accompanying music during the chorus is full and rich sounding like the ocean or a sunrise. This is spiritual ecstasy. The harmonic sounds Donna and Giorgio created at the chorus are the perfect sonic representation of the expression on the face of the incredible statue, "Ectascy of St Teresa" by Bernini.
    Donna Summer was a woman of Faith and that Faith played a huge role in her creative process in her music. I say this as a gay man who is a huge fan of hers, saw her in concert, and have come to appreciate the fact that her Christian faith played such a large role in her music. I believe she was trying to remind women that pleasure/ecstasy for women is much more mental or spiritual intuitively than it is for men. True sexual Intimacy for women is a physical experience that is the same as a spiritual experience of Ectascy. This was a very thoughtful and serious reminder to women in the age of "Women's Liberation". She was saying to women, "Okay ladies, you are free to do this, but remember you must then be willing to accept or be willing to contemplate the consequences that comes along with it". This is a very important protestant theological concept.
    She then goes even further and creates a song that describes the possible consequences of choosing this path of sexual liberation, the song "Hot Stuff". The song begins with the lyrics

    "Sitting here eating my heart out baby waitin.
    Waitin for some lover to call.
    Dialed about a thousand numbers lately.
    Almost rang the phone of the wall."

    Lookin for some hot stuff baby this evening.
    I need some hot stuff baby tonight….."

    The narrative of the song, is a woman whom seems desperate, almost like a addict in need of a fix of the drug she is a addict to, in this case, its sex. "I need hot stuff". Is a phrase you would hear an addict say when they are going through withdrawals. She indicates she is a women who has sleep with many men, "Dialed about a thousand numbers…", yet none have called her back or showed any interest in dating her. Why is that…. Then you get a sense that she feels dead inside, she is cold, and physical intimacy is the only thing that makes her feel alive and warm again. Ironically it is her promiscuous behavior that has caused her emptiness and rather than realize it is the cause she just engages in the same behavior creating a vicious and potential self-destructive cycle.
    Furthermore, pay attention to the timbre or quality of Donna Summer's voice on this song. She deliberately sings "Hot Stuff" in her chest voice, belting the entire song. Her diction and voice is brass, hard, and raspy indicating the woman has become hard, aggressive, and exhibiting behaviors found in addicts. Donna Summer was a storyteller and she uses her voice to convey to the listener the narrative of the song she is singing. Listen to the accompanying music of Hot Stuff, it is brass, with a very dominating percussion, very synthetic, sounding similar to music heard in pornographic films of that time.
    Listen to the quality of her voice in both these songs and you will see what I mean. It is not the same vocal production an indication she is trying to convey a different narrative in each song. Do yourself a favor and listen to her music with the desire to gain a deeper understanding of what she is trying to convey to her audience. Explore the possibilities and I guarantee you will emerge at the end of your journey saying, "Thank you Donna Summer".

  5. Memorizing! Beyonce can't hold a candle to this performance and I will tell you why? Bcuz DS was a true talent and a humble woman. Beyonces got that pretentious look. Always got a strange look in her eyes. Not quite natural if you know what I mean?😈


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