35 thoughts on “(1973) Empress Gladys & The Pips “Midnight Train To Georgia””

  1. The Empress of Soul, notice how she didn't have to peddle her body? Her voice stands alone, and the test of time. She is in an elite class with the likes of Aretha Franklin, and very few other women singers.

  2. Does anyone know who played drums on the record? It's got to be either Al Jackson Jr. or Bernard Purdie. The Midnight Special version is best.

  3. Gladys has it all. The amazing voice, stunning beauty, and the best background singers and dancers ever…those Pips were some very cool cats. Class all the way!

  4. +LOVESOMEGLADYS; THANKS for posting this. Ms ('empress') Gladys and the Pips are both a vocal group, BUT visual, as well.

    Aside to hearing Ms Knight's mellifluous voice (and the beautiful harmonies of the Pips), is watching the dexterous choreographed moves of the fabulous Pips.

    To paraphrase a line from them, because of this clip, I DON'T have (wait for it…) 'to use my imagination'..'

  5. I remember watching this on TV with the whole family. We were all silent and so drawn in.. Of course being from NYC, as I reflex, I was thinking afterwards, that a train to Georgia would have to be out o Penn Station.

  6. 412 dislikes !? Looks like 412 kids need smacked up side their head !

    How can anyone not like this ?

    I’m a 37 year old straight white guy

    I listen to Gladys my whole childhood

    I love Gladys Knight

    She’s the greatest!

    She’s the Empress of soul for a reason !

  7. My dad is from Georgia and though his destination was not LA but to Boston, this is the song we are going to send him home too. this upcoming weekend. I love you Morris alexsander! save me a seat next to you when it’s my turn. Enjoy the ride dad your earned it.

  8. She has no problem singing the national anthem like a modern day minstrel show. Yet when someone protested social injustices and gets blacklisted, she will happily sing a song written by a slave owner. What a sell out and dishonor to her people.


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