On this day 21 years ago David Fincher…

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  • On this day 21 years ago David Fincher’s “F**** C***” was released.

    Here are 7 life lessons by Tyler Durden

    1.Losing all hope is freedom.

    There can be no true despair without hope. As long as keep hoping, we’ll keep getting disappointed again and again…and again. When we lose our hopes, we accept the reality as it is, for better or worse, we just live with it. Sometimes hitting the rock-bottom might turn out to be the best thing for us. You know why we hold ourselves back? Because of fear! Once we have lost everything that holds us back, we can be truly free to do everything that we have ever wanted to do.

    2.Don’t waste your potential. Find a purpose.

    As Tyler says, We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. Our generation has a ton of potential, but it’s all going to waste because we’re not utilizing it correctly. We have so many choices, so much freedom, but still we keep doing things that we hate. We take up courses that we don’t want to study, we do jobs that we don’t like, we do things that don’t make us happy. Many of us find our lives depressing, It’s all because we don’t have a purpose. We spend most of our lives living other people’s dreams. Look inside you, find what makes you happy, no matter how crazy it sounds, just do it.

    3. The things you own end up owning you.

    Don’t be materialistic. You know a lot of people think that happiness is having a high-speed internet, a Mac-Book, an I-Phone, a 500-Channel TV, IKEA furniture, branded stuff, but that’s not happiness. The very invention of these things was to improve the quality of life, there’s nothing in being a little materialistic, but thinking that material possessions is the key to happiness is not healthy. We should not let things overpower us. Don’t lose the sight of things that truly matter and things that don’t.


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