" work out " – 조건에 부합하다 / 잘 맞다 / 해결하다(해결되다) / 방법을 찾다 | 영어회화 [ 대화가이드 ]

최근 게시물 게시판 스터디게시판 " work out " – 조건에 부합하다 / 잘 맞다 / 해결하다(해결되다) / 방법을 찾다 | 영어회화 [ 대화가이드 ]

  • 캠핑은 잘 다녀왔어?
    How was camping?
    How did camping go?
    면접은 잘 봤어?
    How was your interview?
    How did your interview go?
    첫 출근은 잘했어?
    How was your first day?
    How did you first day go?
    출장은 잘 다녀왔어?
    How was your business trip?
    How did your business trip go?

    It was good. / It was great.
    It went (really) well.

    생각보다 좋았어요.
    It was better than I’d expected.
    It went better than I’d expected.

    It wasn’t that great.
    It didn’t go very well.

    A: 수잔이랑은 어떻게 됐어? 이제 같이 일하는 거야?
    How did things go with Susan? Are you working together now?
    B: 아니. 우리 갈라섰어.
    No. We parted ways.
    A: 왜? 뭐가 잘못됐어?
    Why? What went wrong?
    B: 그냥, (서로) 잘 안 맞았어.
    You know, things just didn’t work out (between us).

    A: 새 보모는 어때? (새 보모랑은 잘 맞아?)
    How is your new nanny? / How’s your new nanny working out?
    B: 아주 좋아. 지난번 (봐주시던) 분보다 훨씬 더 좋은 것 같아. 근데 현재 스케쥴을 아주 마음에 들어하는 것 같지 않은데 뭔가 방법을 찾을 수 있을 거야.
    Oh, she’s great. I think she’s much better than my last one. Although, I don’t think she’s too happy with the current schedule. But I’m sure we can work something out.

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