#Damon and #Affleck ended up winning t…

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    #Damon and #Affleck ended up winning the #Oscar for Best Original Screenplay at the 70th annual #AcademyAwards for #GoodWillHunting and they might’ve used a tactic that put the odds in their favor. ⁣

    “Matt and Ben did a really cool thing when it was like Academy Award time,” Driver said. “They printed the script so everyone who’s voting could read the script, and they wanted it to be the script that they wrote so that someone could actually watch the film and see where the improv came. There were plenty of scenes that were exactly as written, but plenty of improv in it and I always loved the fact that they wanted you to see that. It was beautifully collaborative and they were so generous in the way that they invited all of us into the story that they created and we made it something else.”


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