hold back 의 3가지 기본 활용💡영어 표현력 UPGRADE / 영어로 영어 배우기

최근 게시물 게시판 스터디게시판 hold back 의 3가지 기본 활용💡영어 표현력 UPGRADE / 영어로 영어 배우기

  • He’s holding back.
    = The person is hesitating not doing something.

    He/She held back.
    = He/She hesitated and didn’t do something.

    Now that I think about it, I should’ve done something (more).
    I shouldn’t have held back.

    The government is holding back some information.
    = The government is not revealing / sharing / providing some information.

    Something is holding me back.
    = Something is not allowing me to move forward(to progress).

    Hey, do you ever feel like your children are holding you back?
    (= Do you ever feel like you’re not achieving as much as you can because of your children?)

    Well, I admit that I’ve occasionally been a little impatient with
    my kids, but I’ve never felt like they were holding me back.

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